Leadership and Culture

Effective leadership is vital to all of the functions of field leaders — from recruiting and selection to producer development and retention to building your business and planning for your succession.

Leadership ultimately determines whether or not your organization will not only survive, but thrive.

Building a culture is one of those things that we all do as leaders, but while it is vital, it can also be difficult to define. You can’t make a checklist for culture. Its effects are difficult to measure. And it’s intangible. Yet fostering a positive culture is one of the most important part of a field leader’s job.

Culture will make or break any organization and override even the best systems and goal-setting strategies we as field leaders employ.

GAMA offers leadership and culture solutions for field leaders who want to take their agencies and firms to the next level. We’ve develop products and programs to help field leaders define and refine the leadership methods and overall culture that characterize the way you manage your business and serve your clients.