Phil Richards

Phillip C. Richards, CFP CLU RHU

Phillip C. Richards, CFP®, CLU, RHU is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the affiliated companies that comprise North Star Resource Group. North Star represents a fully integrated array of financial services and products for individuals and businesses of all sizes and has over 90,000 clients with offices in 12 states.

Phil received his Bachelors degree from Temple University in 1962 where he was active in all phases of student affairs. Elected Student Body President, he also received the prestigious Sword Award as outstanding senior classman. A recipient of a four year Wrestling Scholarship, he served as Team Captain and was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in April 2010. Phil was elected to the Temple University Board of Trustees in 2009.

Phil began his professional career in the insurance industry in 1962 with the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company in Philadelphia. In 1965, he joined Hartford Life where he led the company in brokerage sales. In 1969, Phil acquired North Star Resource Group which has received the prestigious Master Firm Award every year since 1988 from GAMA International and which is celebrating its 102nd anniversary this year.
A winner of numerous industry awards, Phil is the 2005 Inductee into the GAMA International Hall of Fame and is the only firm leader in the world to have received the International Management Award from GAMA International each and every year (37 years) since the inception of that award. In 2007, Phil was named recipient of the 66th annual John Newton Russell Memorial Award, the highest honor in the insurance industry from The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Phil’s first book, 25 Secrets for Sustainable Success, was published in March 2007.

North Star has been ranked one of the 3 largest organizations of its kind in the world by GAMA International and has over 300 associates in the firm with over 4 billion dollars of client funds under its control.

Phil is an Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Insurance for the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and former Adjunct Professor at Central University of Finance and Economics in China; is four-time Chairman of Securian’s National Advisory Board; served on the Executive Board of Directors for the Minnesota Council for Quality; and is Past President of GAMA International (2003). He is an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau and a GIFT Faculty Member; is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota/North Dakota Better Business Bureau (2003); and served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Quality Council. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for The American College in Philadelphia. In addition, he serves on the LIFE Foundation as its past Board Chairman, and the Mayo Clinic of Arizona Leadership Council. Phil also serves as treasurer of the Arizona Heart Foundation’s Board of Trustee’s and chairs the Scott Richards North Star Charitable Foundation.

Phil has been a featured speaker in over a dozen countries on topics ranging from college recruiting and selection, strategic planning and leadership, and alternate distribution systems in the financial services industry in the 21st century. He has addressed the annual meetings of over 80 companies; was a main platform speaker at the National GAMA International LAMP Meeting in 1998 and its Canadian counterpart in Toronto in 1999; a main platform speaker in Singapore, Taipei and Manila in August 2000; and a main platform speaker at the Asian Pacific Conference in Bangkok (where he co-founded GAMA Thailand) in May 2001 and May, 2010; Crete, Greece in 2002; Sidney, Australia in 2005; Shanghai and Beijing, China for 4 years and again in 2006 as a lecturer at Beijing University and Shanghai University for Finance and Economics. He was a main platform speaker for MDRT in Vancouver.





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Phillip C. Richards, CFP CLU RHU

Securian Financial Group
Minneapolis, MN


Business Strategy & Growth

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Master Firm Award (since 1988)
Management Hall of Fame, 2005
International Management Award (37X)
John Newton Russell Memorial Award
GAMA International President, 2002–03