Membership FAQs

1. How do I join GAMA International?

Joining GAMA is easy — click here to get started.  If you need assistance, e-mail [email protected].

2. How do I renew my membership?

Visit your online membership management page to renew today.  If you need assistance, e-mail [email protected].

3. What are the benefits of a GAMA membership?

GAMA offers a wide variety of professional development, networking, recognition and other member benefits.

4. What is my member identification number?

GAMA International assigns each member an ID number, which appears on your GAMA International Journal mailing label above your name and also on your membership card. If you need further assistance finding this number, send an e-mail to [email protected].

5. What is the status of my membership?

To find out the status of your membership, go online to view your account, or please contact [email protected] or call 1-888-275-0091.

6. How do I update my membership?

Your GAMA International membership is an important resource for your professional development. Help us keep in touch with you by providing us with address, phone, fax or e-mail changes below. Call the Center for Member Services at 1-888-275-0091 to report any updates or contact [email protected].

7. How can I learn more about industry study groups?

GAMA’s Guide to Establishing Study Groups contains a wealth of information about industry study groups, which provide field leaders with many opportunities for personal and professional development.

8. What does GAMA stand for?

GAMA is not an acronym. The name originally stood for General Agents and Managers Association, but the old acronym is too limiting for today’s industry. Today, GAMA represents all levels of field management in many different financial services distribution sectors.

9. What does LAMP stand for?

LAMP stands for Leadership and Management Program. LAMP is GAMA’s annual meeting, held in March, which is attended by field leaders from around the world. They come to learn best practices from the best in the industry, network with industry peers and take part in leadership and recognition opportunities.

10. What is a functional specialist?

Typically, functional specialists are frontline managers who do not receive commission on the sale of life insurance. Examples may include recruiters, marketing directors and other specialists who fill important roles in today’s field leadership teams.

11. How do I register for LAMP?

Registration and other LAMP-related information is available at our LAMP Web site.

12. Where can I find information about upcoming programs and events?

Our section on programs and events lists information about LAMP, the Field Leadership Series workshops, The Essentials of Leadership and Management and other GAMA professional development resources.