GAMA International Staff

GAMA International Staff

For membership applications, changes, updates and renewals, call Membership Services toll-free at

General e-mail inquiries may be sent to [email protected].

Mailing Address

GAMA International
2901 Telestar Court
Falls Church, VA 22042

Telephone & Fax Numbers

Toll-free: 800-345-2687
Tel: 571-499-4300
Fax: 571-499-4302

Headquarters Staff

Jameel Addison, x4307

Digital Media Manager

Carlos Aurellano, x4321

Senior Program Manager, Professional Development

Peter Craig, x4325

Executive Editor

Jen D’Alessio, x4310

Finance Operations Administrator

Michelle Dierkes, x4319

Director of Finance

Bonnie Godsman, x4311

CEO, GAMA International

Debra Grommons, x4314

Chief of Staff

Erica Henderson, x4323

Program Manager, Professional Development

Michelle Johnfinn, x4308

Manager, GAMA Foundation for Education and Research

Kathryn L. Kellam, x4315

CEO, GAMA Foundation for Education and Research

Allison Kirkman, x4329

Member Records Processor

Raed Kirrish, x4330

Database Administrator

Steven Mandurano, x4317

Senior Director of Media & Marketing

Amanda McCollough, x4313

Business Development Manager

Joe Mosimann, x4320

International Relations Manager

Betty Pattison, x5011

Senior Director of Finance

Stacey Perry, x4324

Senior Director, Meetings & Operations

Michelle Pike, x4326

Senior Manager, Membership Services

Lorna Satorius, x4331

Membership & Awards Manager

Monica Stevens, x4306

Executive Assistant

Saba Woldu, x4309

Administrator, GAMA Foundation for Education and Research