Our Anti-Proselytizing Position

Our Anti-Proselytizing Position:  Growth Through Proselytizing Is Destructive to Our Industry. There are no short-term answers to long-term success.


Proselytizing financially penalizes those organizations that invest in new producer acquisition and development.

Critical Mass.

Proselytizing shrinks and diminishes our industry.


Proselytizing encourages colleagues to function as competitors, damaging efforts to build and develop the industry through the sharing of best practices.

Market Impact.

Proselytizing distracts us from addressing ignorance and apathy in the marketplace as we invest time and energy in cannibalizing each other’s resources.

Consumer Impact.

Proselytizing leads to the replacement of existing business that is generally not in the best interest of the consumer.

Financial Results.

There is no evidence that buying distribution is less expensive than growing it.